About Us

The company Permanon

Since its formation in 1997 Permanon made research and development of pioneering surface treatments its top priority.
Permanon products are based on high-tech developments in the field of surface protection and are second to none. 
Permanon is the first company to create a coating based on pure monomolecular silicium (Si-14). Permanon products provide a transparent surface protection with incredible features, they can be applied to almost every surface and are simpler to use than all other protection and care products!
The Permanon products are distributed by our highly qualified distribution partners in Germany and internationally.  Together we shape the success in the public.  Reliability, competence, experience not only are written but lived.  
Correspondingly demanding are our customers concerning our services.  
Clear goal specification and mutual respect in the daily contact create a comfortable and motivating business climate.
Our motto: to act rather then react.